Stellaris trade routes

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stellaris trade routes
In order to benefit from this trade, it must be shipped to your capital along trade routes. First the trade must be collected by a starbase. A starbase will collect all the trade value in the system its built in, and for each trade hub upgrade it has it can collect trade from 1 system further away.

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One of my trade routes (Taramba) was looking "broken": when I selected it, instead of typical information about incoming and outgoing trade routes, I saw this: Playing with another Trade Hub (Whaskar, which was functioning properly), Ive connected it to this broken one. Now Whaskar is broken too and I cant connect it to my trade network.

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stellaris trade routes
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So, six trade hubs would collect trade from a large chunk of most any empire, but would require you to set up patrols to defend the routes. That crazy border fortress you set up to stare down your fanatical purifier neighbors, on the other hand, is likely to defend every route in the vicinity, despite not collecting much trade itself.

























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